Thursday, June 19, 2008

A quick inventory...

Whilst at work today, I made the tragic mistake of actually attempting to do a task that had been sitting in the too-hard basket for quite some time now, such was my boredom. Bored at work?!, you query! Yes, indeed, bored at work. My days are generally whiled away in a strange and depressing combination of investigating mundane tasks, ignoring mundane tasks, and searching through mundane youtube clips until I find one that hits paydirt.

But back to today.

Whilst begrudgingly yet voluntarily completing the long forgotten task, I kept getting all distracted. Sometimes for legitimate, work related reasons, but more often than not for silly mundane things, like... the immediate need to check if my shoelaces are of even length. Or to play with the blinds a bit. Maybe go for a little stroll and see what treasures the stationary cupboards hold this week. So it'll come as absolutely no surprise to you that part way through this task, when I needed to refer to the current formatting rules of the data I was playing with, and I couldn't locate the stickynote which held this information on it (yes, I file everything important on stickynotes - I really do), I decided that it was an excellent time to do an inventory of my desk.

Which is as follows:
10 stickynotes on monitor (one displaying a blueprint for a dalek cake made of lamingtons - that one's my favorite).
9 stickynotes on pc unit.
untold number on and around desk (over 20).
8 caseless CD's, scattered.
2 water glasses, one half full (both smell of windex, but the water tastes fine).
5 coffee mugs, some containing liquids/solids.
1 water jug.
1 lockable cashbox.
1 baseball hat.
1 fluorescent vest.
3 teaspoons.
1 fork.
5 packs of gum.
3 assorted stamps.
rather a lot of empty cd cases.
2 magazines.
a book.
a number of brochures and business cards.
change of name documentation, completed.
lots of more work related documentation (scattered, of course).
1 phone.
6 highlighters.
far too many pens and other assorted stationary.
1 bottle of cough syrup.
1 toy gun which fires little discy thingoes.
4 mints, unwrapped and scattered (xXx mints I think?).

And I for one think that's a pretty impressive collection for just one workdesk. So important, I had to document it right here for your very eyes!

Come back next week when I document the content of my office drawers! It'll be fantastic! Stickynotes! Oh! More stickynotes! On a slightly more serious note though, I do apologise for my tardiness - I've been a little preoccupied with scheming for another little non-work project, one I will be delighted to share with you shortly. In the meantime though, I'm heading off for a holiday, where I will be preparing a very special rantolotl travels journal for you all to enjoy upon my return.

As always, feel free to of course document your own desk collection!

See you in July!
Oh, and enjoy!


CJ said...

I think instead of documenting your desk perhaps you should be writing more songs - unless the main lyrics of the next one are I am a sticky note...

Noni said...

Well I don't have a desk, i work on my bed.

So here are the contents of my deskbed:

-Two phones, both unable to be used due to my not knowing that you shouldn't take the sticky outsides from batteries
-An Ipod
-The Quotable Woman, compiled by Elaine Partnow
-The First Stone, Helen Garner
-The Longman Dictionary of Politics, Civics and Environment
-Sex and Destiny The politics of human fertility, Germaine Greer
-Motomanual W375
-Moleskin Diary
-Multiple Pens

Very exciting