Thursday, February 02, 2006

Welcoming myself to Blog hell

You'd not think that it would take that much effort to kick start a blog, would you? Well, you'd be wrong. Sure, my interpretation of 'much effort' and yours might differ, in that I see the task of filling up my water bottle at work, as effort. First you have to get up, then you need to walk to the tap, consider cleaning your recepticle of choice,you fill it up, and then make the long trek back to your desk! All the while clinging to a desperate hope that no one you know will show up and start talking to you. It's a tough life.

So, I jumped on the web and started looking up Blogs, in a thinly veiled attempt at research.

These are the first two images I found on image search, from here, and here:

God knows what the hell they are, what context they've been used in, or why anybody ever wasted their time with firstly taking the photo, and then bothering to upload it to their computer, let alone their blog (actually, I think the pumpkin head one is kind of cute). What I care about is why the Internet was ever reduced to this. I was uninspired. For whole minutes, I walked a desolate web desert alone, abandoned by my hopes and dreams to participate in something so noble as Blogging.

So I did it anyway, and recreated the mess you see above. Maybe it'll get better, maybe it'll get worse.

Welcome to rantolotl. I hope you enjoy your stay.


the rantolotl said...

It's true. I think the warmth & snugliness is an important factor, too.

Kateaclysmic said...

Haha, well maybe that's how all these pics pop up under funny names.

One thing that I think takes a lot of effort is going to the toilet or filling up my water bottle in the middle of the night. I hate it! I'm asleep! :(

Anonymous said...

The fact that I'm pressured to 'Choose an identity' while trying to leave a comment suggests to me that you're an Illuminati spy trying to steal my precious clockwork pinatas. For Shame!

Anonymous said...

Why the hell would going to the toilet and filling up a water bottle appear in the same sentence?

Anonymous said...

Think man. Think!
Obviously the taps in that household are based on a recycling system; you must give water before taking it.
Which leads one to wonder then about the fridge being on a similar sysrem... that could make midnight snacks a much more risky proposal!

Anonymous said...

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