Friday, May 19, 2006

Comedy Gold!

Funniest fucking thing ever. Watch this. Now. I command you.

This is the most amazingly stupid thing I've ever seen. The ultimate combination of 80's dodginess, and a bored mind gone too far. Is this the prototype for Marky Mark? We'll never know. I'd really like to try and track this guy down and give him a slap across his 'average white guy' face. Grown adults should never do this. By all means, record yourself doing something stupid - but for christs sake, have some thought for your future self and try to at least retain the tiniest shred of dignity.

For more of our average white rapper's action, you can check out his next effort - Blazin' Hazin.

And remember - to maintain a healthy diet, listen to
White Rapper's sage advice;

"For my enjoyment I like to shoot some hoops, but not before I eat a bowl of fruit loops"

Now - onto more pressing matters! Rantolotl is proud to present;

Rantolotl by request!

Frankly, I'm a very fucking lazy person - so this is where you, the reader, comes in. Is there something that pisses you off that you'd like addressed in a demeaning manner? Do you simply just wonder if anyone could possibly take offence at kittens and rainbows? Email me, or leave your suggestion(s) in the comment fields. Selected entries will recieve cool-points (redeemable for discounts in the store that's still waiting to happen)

Regular posts will still continue as normal, to fulfil all your abusive needs.

Da average white Rantolotl.


Krus said...

I would love to see you rip kittens, unicorns, fairy's and rainbows a new ass. Also santa, jesus, and .... carp, or something.

Kipper said...

elves, goblins, orcs and all that kind of shit. if i ever see an elf in real life i'm going to rip its pointy ears off. Why is it that "fantasy" has to be synonymous with "copying tolkein". It just proves that nerds have absolutely no imagination or originality. If they did they might not dress like their mother dressed them.

Bozza said...

I see where the "Middle Class White Guy" is coming from. I never ride my bike to gym, without having at least some amount of caffein in my system.

As for the Rantolotl by request thingy. Well there are a couple of things pissing me off right now, one my new job, probably cause I'm just getting used to it.

The other thing is the delay with Career Focus (the company doing assessments on behalf of Connex for potential train drivers), they take longer to send updates than what they propose, still waiting on whether or not I actually will be attending this assessment centre.

Perhaps rantlotl could tell us if she is having any similar problems with the topic in question.

Joanne said...

If you want a guest rant I have a few you can pinch.