Friday, November 03, 2006

Happy 54!

Hi everyone.

I'm sick. Sick sick sick sick sick sick, and not just of my job.

The great thing about me being sick is that I'm even less patient than usual. So, today, instead of writing some whiny shit for you all, I'm going to tell you what's going on in the world of Rantolotl... the blog, not the me.

First, I'd like to congratulate myself on reaching 54 published rantolotls! Truly, many of them have been utterly crap. Some of them have been good, and most of them have been pretty mediocre. But still, there's a few regular readers, maintained mostly by emotional extortion & boredom at work. I can only hope that some of you are fanboys of the Angry Pants Man. Three Cheers for you, me, and APM!

I plan to move to a real server next year, maybe next month even - my very own domain with my very own paid-up-for hosting. As a result, you'll have to change your bookmarks, and you'll get to visit a slightly less crap looking page, one from which you might even be able to create a user account and earn Rantolotl cool points. But then again, maybe not. The last time I tried to give you all cool-points you all fucking snubbed me. Fucking arseholes.

The other benefit of the rantolotl move is that I won't have to spend hours yelling at Blogger for having downtime. Sure - they try to schedule it at a convenient time. Unfortunately, that particular time is aimed at Yanks, not Australians. Unfortunately this means that it usually falls right about when I'm trying to update. You should see the weird shit Blogger does to my formatting, too. I can't count the amount of times I've been yelling at Fandango down the old MSN about how the cunt of an text editor has removed all my <> tags. Or how it's changed my font... again. Or how it's removed all of my formatting for no apparent reason. Again. I'd like to think he keeps a little tally on the bottom frame of his monitor, chaclked up with the blood of a coworker or somesuch.

Awhile ago, I added a 'best of rantolotl' section on the sidebar. At least, I think I did, because there appears to be one there now - I don't remember doing it, so it's fairly probable I was drunk at the time. I haven't even bothered looking which links I put in there... nor will I bother now. I'd prefer it if you guys could comment to this post and tell me what your favorites have been, and I'll change the links appropriately. I'd add a poll to this effect, but no one uses those fucking thinks. Just ask Kipper.

You should go read her blog, too. There's a lot of amusement to be had there inbetween chapters, drafts & other forms of essay... Not that they're unamusing, but, well, they're a little wordy. Good for those that want to learning something about the games industry in Australia. And France. Just don't listen to any nonsense she might spout about square scones.

Can anyone tell me who made this? I never found out, and frankly, I think it's fucking fantastic! It appeared on the comments of some post or another back in March.

So. I guess that's about it. Expect an update over the weekend, and until then, here's a rough collection of some of the Pantsmen... I think I'm missing a few, but it should be a nice enough stroll down memory lane. My personal favorite was the Priest-pants.

PS... Krus is still a cunt.


Fandango Jones said...

What have you done with Pheonix, you narc bastard?! I liked you better before you sold out!

... and so on, and so forth.

Viva la Round Scones!

Krus is a cunt, but at least he'll get whats coming to him...

(I'll celebrate at 55, just to be a prick)

CJ said...

Where are the rest of the adventure's of Vomit Girl? I can't remember what I did so I need you to remind me...

Bozza said...

Moving to your very own domain? Probably not a bad idea. Still though is still a semi domain and still beats web pages with slashes (e.g. OR EVEN WORSE I can't stand websites with those squigley lines before the sub directory, not only are they so 1998 but they are just plain annoying.